Fundraise for MSF

Support "Judy & Patrick Tam 40th Anniversary"
  • Organized By:
    Judy & Patrick Tam
  • Venue:
    Happy Valley Racecourse, Members Stand 5/F
  • Date:
    From:15-10-17 to 27-10-17
  • Time:

Thank you for being such great friends and family members

Thank you for being a memorable part of our life

Let's share this moment of happiness with the beneficiaries of MSF, a truly worthwhile cause by a selfless organisation

Thank you for your generosities

Judy & Patrick


Message from Supporters

  • Anonymous
    Message: This represents cash collected during the Party
    Amount: HK$24000~(24000)
  • Anonymous
    Message: Congratulations! May your love for each other continue to grow and be an inspiration for all of us.
    Amount: HK$3000~(3000)
  • Anonymous
    Message: Wishing you and your family everlasting happiness, wealth and good fortune.
    Amount: HK$3000~(3000)
  • Anonymous
    Amount: HK$1000~(1000)
  • Anonymous
    Message: Congratulations Aunt Judy and Uncle Patrick! What an amazing milestone!
    Amount: HK$2000~(2000)
  • Message: Let's share our happiness with beneficiaries of MSF. Love.....
    Amount: HK$10000~(10000)