Fundraise for MSF

Support "Cecilia & Savio's Wedding"
  • Organized By:
    Cecilia Fung & Savio Li
  • Date:
    From:01-10-18 to 31-12-18

Dear Guests,


Thank you so much for your presence at our wedding as well as your warm blessings to our happy marraige. Instead of giving out gifts as normal couples would do to show their appreciation, Cecilia and Savio have decided to contribute the budget to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and to help those who are less privileged due to suffering from armed conflict, natural disasters, endemic and epidemic disease and social violence and healthcare exclusion.


The MSF provides medical care to help people survive catastrophic situations, where communities and health structures may be overwhelmed. They provide emergency medical assistance in situations of armed conflict. 


Please join us! You are also invited to support the less privileged population by making a donation. Your donation will make a massive impact in their life. 


Thanks and best wishes,

Cecilia Fung and Savio Li





Message from Supporters

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    Amount: HK$888~(888)