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  • Organized By:
    Chichi Chan
  • Date:
    From:10-11-18 to 31-12-20


由2人家庭變成3人的家庭, 這一大的轉變, 當中的快樂是言語表達不到的.

因為小寶寶的出世, 提醒我要時常感恩. 

感恩小寶寶健康, 他每天看著我的眼神, 對我的笑容, 希望我注意他時的哭聲, 


感恩寶寶的爸爸, 把每天上班以外的時間, 完全奉獻給我們這個家.

小寶寶需要我時, 爸爸便負擔起家裡一切家務. 

當我需要休息時, 爸爸便帶著寶貝出去散步, 給我一個完全自由的休息時間

寶寶每天睡覺前, 爸爸便負責替寶寶沖涼, 怕我扭到手腕

寶寶的爸爸每天努力的為這個家付出, 便是我收到最好的禮物. 

所以, 原來我已經擁有一切我想要的了. 


如果有朋友, 希望送我生日禮物的話, 

請你把這份心意轉贈給無國界醫生, 希望這份祝福, 能夠有需要的人. 

那怕只有一點點, 讓更多的人得到祝福.

感謝你們, 令這世界變得更美好

2018 has been an unforgettable year.

A family of two has now become a family of three. This significant change has created so much happiness which cannot be expressed by words.

Because of the birth of our baby has given further rise to my constant need to remind myself of how grateful and appreciative I am of my circumstance.I appreciate the health and happiness of my baby and how everyday he looks and smiles at me. Regardless of the constant crying, waking up in the middle of the night etc. The sounds, movements and expressions he shows to gain my attention are all pleasant surprises that far outweigh the difficulties I have faced.

Outside of the father’s occupation, I greatly value the baby’s daddy’s devotion to his family by showing so much love, effort and time. When I am occupied by the baby, daddy is looking after us by completing the housework. Whenever I need to rest, daddy will lighten my load by taking the baby for a walk to give me the recuperation that I need to be a fully functioning and loving mother. Every night before baby’s bedtime, daddy will bathe the baby because he doesn’t want me to overuse my energy and risk injury to my joints.

By daddy making so much effort for his family that this is best gift I can ever have. Therefore, I have everything that I could ever want or need.

So, starting from this year, if anyone wants to send me a birthday gift, can they please make a blessing to MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres Doctors without Borders) to enable them to contribute to someone else’s blessing the same way I have been blessed.

Thanks everyone for making the world a better place.





Message from Supporters

  • Nana
    Message: I love you babe !!! Happy birthday !
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Carmen
    Message: Happy birthday
    Amount: HK$300~(300)
  • Queenie
    Message: Happy birthday to 芝芝❤️
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  • gigi
    Message: 芝芝…Happy Birthday!身體健康!家庭生活美滿!❤
    Amount: HK$300~(300)