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    Pauline & Clement
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    From:18-01-19 to 31-12-20

It has become the happiest moment watching and witnessing all the first times of the little ones. We feel complete and so blessed to have shared such amazing moments and memories with everyone of you. Loving every moment of life.

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Pauline & Clement

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Message from Supporters

  • Benji
    Message: Post-Taipei trip donation It was fun travelling with maamee. Hope you can join us soon!
    Amount: HK$2000~(2000)
  • Maamee
    Message: Post-Queenstown/Sydney trip donation. We all had such great time & enjoyable moments. Love Maamee
    Amount: HK$2000~(2000)
  • Daddy and Mummy
    Message: To my little Emma, wish you healthy and always happy.
    Amount: HK$2000~(2000)
  • Maamee
    Message: Post-Fukuoka trip donation Grateful for everything we have. Hope we all enjoy every moment!
    Amount: HK$2000~(2000)
  • Anonymous
    Amount: HK$300~(300)
  • pauline & clement
    Message: Post-Phuket trip donation Glad that we all had a great time! Love Maamee & Daddy
    Amount: HK$2000~(2000)
  • Maamee
    Message: MeiMei You are always the sweetest. Stay happy and healthy all the time. Love always Maamee
    Amount: HK$1000~(1000)