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Support "Aston’s 10th birthday. "
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    Susanna and Timothy
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    Superpark and msf fundraising
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    From:28-07-19 to 28-10-19
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Aston has turned 10. Time flies, I remember how I gave birth to him and how much pain I’ve been through. I love my kids, and so does everyone else. Just not all kids could enjoy this beautiful world with their amazing little mind. Some could not even grow up healthily or have a proper place to stay. Their parents could be in war, they could be fleeing from country to country just to live in peace. Some could born to have parents suffer from famine, AIDS... how could the kids ever have a memorable 10th? I believe all kids are created equal. If we could have this kind of luck and peace, I would love Aston,our special friends and family to share your generosity. Please help those little kids and their parents in need. 

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Message from Supporters

  • Anonymous
    Message: 生日禮物
    Amount: HK$400~(400)
  • Angie W
    Message: Hi Aston happy birthday !!
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Auntie Angela
    Message: Happy birthday Aston! Wishing you a year filled with joy!
    Amount: HK$300~(300)
  • Joseph & Katherine
    Message: Happy 10th Birthday Aston! Thank you so much for your invitation. Wish you a great year ahead!
    Amount: HK$300~(300)
  • Maverix Poon & Terry Poon
    Message: Happy Birthday Aston
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • John Margaret Wong
    Message: Aston and Family, Great to hear u share yr happiness w/pp in need. Hope fortune are with u always.
    Amount: HK$300~(300)
  • Message: Happy Birthday
    Amount: HK$200~(200)
  • Hui
    Message: Very meaningful activity, support! Happy birthday to Aston!
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Anonymous
    Amount: HK$500~(500)