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Support "Gianna's 1st Birthday"
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    Bowl Cheng
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    From:08-09-19 to 30-09-19

Gianna is so blessed with lots of love around her since she was born a year ago. We want her to know nothing should be taken for granted and we should always try to share our love, do whatever is right with the kindest heart whenever possible.


We also want her to understand (not only her but I myself as a very materialistic mummy) that materials are just tools to shape our heart and mind and love and kindness are the greatest assets of mankind.


With that in our head we would like all of Gianna’s friends & family members to guide her to and make sure all her gifts on her 1st birthday will be converted to donations to those in need. And she will learn when she grow up that she is lucky enough to born here and lucky enough to have the capability to share.  

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    Message: Happy birthday to princess Gianna!!
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