Fundraise for MSF

Support "Sean's 10th birthday party"
  • Organized By:
    Wincy & Troy
  • Venue:
    Thunderbowl (Whampao Garden)
  • Date:
    From:08-09-19 to 30-09-19

As our family tradition, Sean fund raises for different organizations in all his birthday parties. We are lucky to have a loveable, healthy and joyful (or as Daddy said, always "natural-high") Sean as our child. And would be happy to share the love to others in other parts of the world. Join us, save lives, we need supporters like you. 

  • Fundraising progress160%

  • Amount raised

  • Fundraising target

  • No. of supporters15


Message from Supporters

  • Mom & Dad
    Message: Sean, we love you always.. We are happy seeing you so happy with your friends yesterday. Stay happy!
    Amount: HK$1240~(1240)
  • Boosch
    Message: Bosch Lee: Happy Birthday to you, Sean. Enjoy your birthday.
    Amount: HK$300~(300)
  • Message: Wish Sean a very Happy Birthday!
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Mark and Mark's mom
    Message: Happy Birthday to Sean!
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • co-leader Heison
    Message: happy birthday Sean good luck raising money
    Amount: HK$300~(300)
  • Your favorite bro
    Message: Sean, happy happy happy birthday! Hope I am always your favourite bro!!!!
    Amount: HK$300~(300)
  • Adrian Ho
    Message: Happy Birthday Sean
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Anonymous
    Message: Happy birthday Sean Sean!
    Amount: HK$250~(250)
  • Auntie Carina
    Message: Happy Birthday, Sean! From Carina, Gord and Tyler
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Ma Ma Grandma (Sandra Yang)
    Message: Happy birthday to my dearest grandson, Sean!
    Amount: HK$1000~(1000)
  • Uncle Roy
    Message: Happy birthday Sean!
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Gu Ma
    Message: Sean - Happy Birthday to the smartest, the coolest and the handsome-est boy I know!! :D
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Ethan and Ethan’s Mom
    Message: Happy Birthday, Little bro. We are looking forward to your party.
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Anonymous
    Amount: HK$500~(500)
  • Gung Gung & Por Por
    Message: Happy birthday to Sean. We wish you healthy and happy at all times.
    Amount: HK$610~(610)