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    Vyshnavi Desiraju
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    From:01-05-21 to 31-10-21

Medskool kids is an initiative by International Medical Students who've been affected by the pandemic. We are among the 20 000+ students who've been unable to continue our medical education, unable to have practical lessons, unable to help our patients and serve on the frontlines, where we are sorely needed. This is especially frustrating as we have to stand by and watch while our colleagues and our healthcare community face the brunt of a broken healthcare system that is overwhelmed by the caseload that is rising exponentially, and the snowball effect this is having on the mental, physical and emotional health on Healthcare workers is simply heartbreaking.

This video is a love letter to each one of you, and a reminder that we can still play a role even if we are currently constrained by borders. The nostalgic throwback of experiences in medical school in the video serves to remind us that our common experiences in 'medskool', regardless of the various countries, cultures and borders, still unite us and our Healthcare Family. We can help save a life, we can provide vital medical resources to those in critical need, we can empower those working in field missions and actively fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic.

We can do this, together❤️

All proceeds of this campaign will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Hong Kong.

Please click on the link to help save a life


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    Message: Very good intent and good project!!! I hope every success of it!!
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    Message: Wish you guys are able to successfully complete your studies and have a very bright future ahead.
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  • Suman
    Message: Good work Vysh ! Jiayou! All cheers & love .
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    Message: Great work Vyshnavi, all the best!
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  • Message: Awesome work, keep doing this great work Lov Desiraju’s
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    Message: Good job. Keep up your spirits and keep fighting
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  • Message: This too shall pass. Excellent idea for raising funds. Keep it up and be in good cheer.
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    Message: Keep up the hopes! Stay strong and things will look better - they always do.
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    Message: good luck!
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    Message: Cheer up. The pandemic will end soon
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    Message: I hope you achieve what you are striving for!
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