Send a Field Worker


per 3 Days


You can send surgeons on short, intense missions following or during acute emergencies where there are many men, women and children suffering from traumatic injuries.

A surgeon’s skills are urgently needed after disasters such as an earthquake, or in areas of active conflict where there are high numbers of casualties from violent attacks. Surgeons are often flown in by MSF with only a day’s notice, and will then work around the clock in small teams performing life-saving operations. Reconstructive specialists have gone on short missions to perform surgery on patients who have been badly injured in war. Surgical teams have also been established so that women can receive emergency obstetric procedures - such as C-sections and correction of obstetric fistulas - dramatically improving a woman’s quality of life. Surgical teams were also vital in MSF’s response to the earthquake. For example, in 2010 Haiti earthquake, MSF performed over 11,000 operations in the first four months after the quake.

A mission for a surgeon includes costs for transportation, training, travel documents and vaccines, and lodging.

Purchase a symbolic gift now and provide medical care to help people in need!

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