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Mental Health Specialist

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Mental Health Specialist

Where there’s extreme chaos, homelessness, illness and death, mental health specialists - psychologists, psychiatrists or social workers - are crucial where there are high numbers of people experiencing psychological distress.

Following disasters and in conflict-affected regions, people who are displaced or who have been affected by violence often report symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks and difficulty sleeping. In displacement camps there may be high numbers of people experiencing lethargy and depression. Your support will help MSF provide specialists to organize mental health services including individual and group counselling. While there, mental health specialists also help train peer counsellors who are best positioned to gain the trust of their community. This approach helps create sustainable mental health services for populations in distress.

A mission for a mental health specialist includes costs for transportation, training, travel documents and vaccines, and lodging.

Purchase a symbolic gift now and provide medical care to help people in need!

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