Send a Field Worker


per month


You can send doctors to regions of the world where people are suffering from a lack of healthcare services. No matter what their specialty, many doctors in the field will function like general practitioners, providing primary health care services to people with a wide range of ailments and conditions. By sending a doctor, you give people in crisis a chance to get medical care they otherwise would not receive.

Doctors will treat patients with the many diseases brought on by poverty, including malaria and diarrheal diseases such as cholera. They also provide care for people with tropical diseases that are both life-threatening and debilitating, such as sleeping sickness. In addition to providing clinical care, MSF physicians help to address shortages of medical personnel by supervising and training local medical staff.

A mission for a doctor includes costs for transportation, training, travel documents and vaccines, and lodging.

Purchase a symbolic gift now and provide medical care to help people in need!

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