Send a Field Worker


per 2 weeks


Logisticians make sure that a medical project has a well-functioning infrastructure and everyone has what they need to do their work. As hands-on problem solvers, logisticians will process orders, purchase supplies on the local market, obtain permits, supervise local staff and take care of transport, safety and security. In a single day they may search for, negotiate a price on and obtain needed materials, then build a small shelter, fix a car that has broken down and set up a power supply.

Logisticians play a key role in every MSF project, communicating extensively with local staff, local authorities and other organizations. Placing a logistician in the field is a critical and necessary step to make sure a project can get up and running.

A mission for a logistician includes costs for transportation, training, travel documents and vaccines, and lodging.

Purchase a symbolic gift now and provide medical care to help people in need!

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